To Hell and Back

Home sweet home. After 14 hours of travel on three planes, I get to finally unwind. Good thing after not sleeping well for four nights in Hell.

Hell, Norway, that is, a very lovely little town near Trondheim. Nice blues festival, nice people beautiful weather, jet lag.

Our group was Dave Specter’s band, Dave , Mike Schlick, John Kattke and myself, with featured singers Lurrie Bell, Jimmy Johnson, and Sharon Lewis.  Fridays show featured Jimmy, and was a 45 minute affair, while Saturday included everyone. I believe this was my first two hour show. Wait, I take it back. Last year we were getting ready to wind up early at the House Of Blues, when a bunch of Russians and a group from Connecticut walked in, and we just went on and on.

But I digress.

It’s nice to be able to do some of these trips. Ive never done it to death like some I know, and the Old Town School keeps me fairly well employed. This year I’ve made four of these long ones, starting with the Dubai gig in February. There’s one to go, The Lucerne Blues Festival in November, which is a great one. Jimmy Johnson will be on that one too. Jimmy is 85, and it’s humbling to see hem deal with the rigors of international travel. And I keep thinking that I’m getting MY ass kicked…

One odd thing. Getting to the last plane today, I was pulled aside for screening. I was one of the last ones on the plane. No problem, except sweating getting overhead space for the instrument.

And I can sleep well tonight knowing we are being protected from attack by middle aged Jewish musicians.

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