Shawn Pittman

I had the pleasure last Thursday of doing a gig with my friend, drummer Jon Hiller, and his friend, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Shawn Pittman. Shawn is from Oklahoma, and currently resides in Austin.  The gig was for Friends Of The Blues in Kankakee, Illinois, in a local Moose Hall.

There is a lot of stuff out there with a “Texas sound,” that is very Stevie Ray derivative, but I have to say after my experience with Shawn, that he is for real. Although under the weather, and playing in a venue off the beaten path, this guy truly delivered an ass kicking, no holds barred performance. He writes, sings, and plays with ability and intensity. I kid you not.

I didn’t get any material to study until Tuesday. I spent a couple of days driving around listening to a few of his CDs. I was lucky enough to nail most of the stuff, and I hope to get more opportunities to play with this guy.

Check him out at  It ought to be worth your while.

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